7"x5" Vintage Retro Leather Cover Journal String Nautical Dark Grey

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Brand New 170 Pages Leather Classic Diaries Journals Notepad Notebooks

Great travel journal(paper included) to take notes or write down your thoughts while outdoor or during travel. The 6-holes paper with even distance from each other is great for fountain pen and doesn't pull the ink compared to regular paper. The paper is great for sketches and drawings as well. Medium size to make it easy to carry in a small luggage or your computer bag. Classical design leather journal makes this journal looks antique and unique! Once you have used all the included paper, you can purchase additional papers from Amazon Lian LifeStyle store in 3 color options: blank white, lined white and blank brown! Make sure you get the paper inserts with 6 holes at equal distance from each other!

This classic design journal comes with around 87 sheets (174 pages) of paper inserts. This is the perfect gift for yourself or friends who loves journal writing or notes taking. Addition Inserts with 77 sheets (144 pages) sold separately which comes with 3 styles to choose from: Blank White, Lined White and Brown. Cover Color: Dark Gray, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Red

Leather cover with 6 holes inserts
No. of Pages:170 No. of Sheet:85
Package: 1 x travel notebook