Lian LifeStyle Children 6 Pairs Wool Blend Crew Socks Random Color

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Treat your little one! • The wool blend in these knee high socks are very absorbent, keeping your little one warm and toasty • Wool can absorb more than thirty percent of its weight in moisture, so they’ll keep your child’s feet warm even when soaked • Good grip, so they will stay on easily while being comfortable • Stretchable and highly cushioned • A variety of colors 2016

  • These wool socks are highly cushioned, comfy and very soft.
  • The combination of wool and viscose make these unisex children's wool socks super soft and retain all the features of cotton such as excellent filtration.
  • Note: Boy Colors may not have light purple and dark purple. 11-13cm for 6M-2Y. 13-15cm for 2Y-5Y, 15-17cm for 3Y-6Y, 17-19cm for 5Y-8Y
  • Washing Instruction: Machine wash cool, no bleach, dry flat to prent shriking and wrinckles.
  • These colorful and cute wool socks for baby, toddler and kids are smooth to the skin, with strong moister-wicking capability and without static charges during wear.