Lian LifeStyle Men's 1 Pair Extra Thick Cashmere Wool Socks Plain Color Size 9-11(Dark Gray)

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These new design Cashmere wool socks are thick and very warm for cold weather. They are perfect chocies for men who needs warm think socks and have the dress socks look at the same time.

  • Extra thick cashmere wool socks keep you warm and comfortable for all your daily activities. Whether you're working out, hiking, or drinking coffee, you can always rely on them because we do not compromise on durability, comfort, and softness.
  • 3x thicker than average cotton socks and 5-6x warmer than cotton socks • Are inexpensive yet quality. Compared to our competitors, these socks are a steal! • Match any taste. With the multiple color options, you'll always be in style and stay warm!
  • Men's extra thick wool blend crew socks that are very thick and warm for the cold weather! If you ever need to walk in the snow make sure you wear these men’s extra thick wool socks to stay warm and cozy! Great for indoor walking or outdoor hiking!
  • Cashmere blend socks are warmer than regular wool socks due to its fineness and capability to trap more air than wool. Our cashmere wool blend crew socks are designed with the cold weather and comfort in mind! Perfect boot socks for cold weather!
  • Color: Navy Blue,Black,Beige,Light Gray, Dark Gray and Tan