Lian LifeStyle Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports Headset Built-in Mic Sweatproof for iPhone, Android, All Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices

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Bone conduction is the new way of conducting sound by sending the sound into a different frequency of mechanical vibration. The sound wave is sent through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid transmission, screw, auditory nerve and auditory center to transmit vs. air transmission with the traditional dear drum based headphones. In contrast to the classical sound transmission of sound waves through the diaphragm, the bone conduction eliminates many acoustic transmission steps to achieve a clear sound Whiteuction in a noisy environment, and the sound waves won't affect your capability to receive other sounds from your surroundings. When we bite something crisp or hard, we can hear the sound of food broken because of the vibration through our teeth and skulls to our inner ear. In the 18th century, the principle of bone conduction helped the great beloved deaf composer Beethoven to hear the wonderful music. Beethoven tried a technique invented by Giovanni Phillipo, England. Where he could hear the music from the jaw bones with a stick connected to the piano. This was actually the early beginning application of the bone conduction principle. Our bluetooth headphone utilizing the same modern bone conduction technology which has been used in military, police professional headphones and as hearing aids. Our bone conduction headphone is perfect for sports headphones, hiking headphone or driving headphone so you can hear the sound from the traffic, stay safe and still enjoy the music of the highest quality possible!

  • BONE CONDUCTION BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES: different from traditional earphones by creating mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones directly to the cochlea in your inner ears. These new technology will also help people with Recession Type Hearing Impairment to listen to and enjoy music. Helps to avoid hearing loss from ordinary earphones due to long time usage.
  • DUAL TRACK BEST HD SOUND WITH SOUND LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: With our new smart open ear bone conduction headphones you can enjoy heavy bass and crystal clear treble while listening to your favorite music. Feel the difference the traditional headset or earphone cannot offer with this bone duction listening mechanism! You will throw away all your other headsets guarantted!
  • LATEST BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH V4.0: Upgraded wireless Bluetooth V4.0 with wide connection up to 30 ft, more faster, secure and stable connectivity. It can connect 2 devices simultaneously and compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • SWEETPROOF, DUSTPROOF AND OPEN EAR HEADPHONE: Perfect for outdoor activity lovers to ensure their health and safety. Sweetproof, moisture and drip resistant headphone for indoor and outdoor sports activities.Ensure safety as you can listen simultaneously to music and your surroundings, perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers and drivers on the road. 6 hours of music and/or calls with complete inline controls.
  • OPEN-EAR DESIGN SPORT HEADSET: Open-ear bone conduction headphones are designed so you do not need to plug or cover your ears as traditional earphone or headphone requires. No more headphone wearing discomfort that in-ear or over-ear headsets will bring. Protect your hearing and keep your eardrum healthy without the fear of lossing hearing due to long time use.